Funky Artsy is an emerging accessories house, specializing in handmade jewelry designed to enhance the independent beauty in every woman. Funky Artsy is sold at select retailers throughout the United States.

Funky Artsy designs are the creation of its founder and designer, Kirstin Eismin.

Kirstin has always created wearable art with one eye on fashion and the other on natural beauty. Fusing the two, she creates unique one-of-a-kind pieces whose character and style enhance the uniqueness of each woman.

In the Spring of 2005, Funky Artsy was launched into the art world through participation in art shows and community events around the Midwest. In the Fall of 2005, with the help of Kirstin’s good friend Gretel Kulupka, Funky Artsy went retail. Funky Artsy has been sold since then at Gretel’s Fine Gifts, a favorite unique gift shop in the greater Lafayette, IN area.

Funky Artsy has continued to grow, participating in art and craft shows throughout the Midwest and Northeast and increasing the number of retail stores that carry its jewelry. In 2008 Funky Artsy moved to Cincinnati, OH, further building its customer base and retail presence. Most notably Funky Artsy is featured at Trend Boutique in the Oakley neighborhood. Thanks to Trend, Funky Artsy jewelry has been featured in Cincinnati Magazine multiple times and has cultivated a strong Cincinnati following.

Funky Artsy continues to create new and exciting jewelry concepts.

About the Founder and Designer – Kirstin Eismin.

Kirstin is the daughter of two artists. Her mother was a stained glass and found-object artist, and her father is a structural and woodworking artist. Kirstin grew up in central Indiana and attended Purdue University for both her Bachelors and Masters. While at Purdue, Kirstin minored in Art and Design, where she further honed her artistic eye.

With the help of friends Kirstin found her partner, Ian Henry. Kirstin and Ian were married in 2009 and they live in the heart of Cincinnati, OH with their dog Samson.